Hiyaaaa, I'm Molly :D

I have waaaaay too many nicknames, some like to call me by the name of a small cylindrical mammal "mole" or even by the name of that small naked Indian child "Mowgli" But if you call me "Molly Malone" You will be my best friend.

I love love love music, I play the recorder, saxophone, clarinet, piano and I sing as well :)

Into lots of different types of music from Aerosmith to Stravinsky, Gaga to Sinatra, Gershwin to Telemann.

Admittedly I'm bit of a nerd and won't mind posing as a tall British man wearing a top hat and solving puzzles "Critical thinking is the key to success!"

Enjoy my Tumblrrrrrrrrrrr :D


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Genis Carreras - Philographics

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Found these in the archives, needed to share.





I don’t think enough people remember that Grease ends with Danny and Sandy getting into a car and flying away

with zero explanation.


There’s actually a theory that Sandy died on the beach when Danny says in Summer Lovin’ ‘She nearly drowned’

The whole movie is Sandy living out her dream with Danny before going to heaven in a flying car

What did I just read?

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Animal Crossing summed up in one gif:


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One strong cup of tea is better than twenty weak ones. All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.
— We lost George Orwell on this day in 1950 – warm up a cold winter day with his 11 golden rules for the perfect cup of tea (via explore-blog)

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The Psychology of Colour -

A Guide for Designers.

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